With the rapid economic development of the South Asia and Middle East region in recent years, “Studies in South Asia and the Middle East” has become as important academic and research field today. Regardless of the current order of political and economical development and various social issues , both the regions have gained a significant geopolitical importance in international politics. With the advancing waves of globalization, the political and economic societies in South Asia and the Middle East are continuing to develop rapidly, which deserves an in-depth focus and research.

In order to strengthen the observation and study of the current developments of both the regions , and to serve as an academic exchange platform for foreign policy consultation and research to our government, the “Center for Studies of South Asia and Middle East ” is set up. The Center was established in March 2014 to promote domestic research on issues surrounding South Asia and the Middle East.

The main activities and development directions include:

  1. Holding academic seminars and conferences.
  2. Setting up Center’s website to consolidate current developments in South Asia and the Middle East;
  3. Inviting government officials, scholars and experts to respond to international and regional situations and exchange views on issues such as security, foreign policy
  4. Publishing periodicals and books
  5. Provide research results for reference by academics and government departments.

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