Center for Studies on South Asia and The Middle East- affiliated with National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan is now inviting student essays. We focus on politics, economics, culture, science & technology and international relations of South Asia and the Middle East.

  • Masters and PhD students enrolled in Taiwanese Universities are encouraged to pen down articles, book reviews and photo essays of Maximum 1200 words (excluding references). 
  • The article should mention a question/issue researcher is trying to examine or understand.
  • We commend a structured article written in simple and clear sentences accessible to our local and international readers.
  • References should be hyperlinked. It is advisable to mention page numbers for specific statements from books, journal articles and official reports etc.

We appreciate creative write-ups and diverse perspectives on both regions. Submissions with a short bio of the author should be emailed at We will attempt to respond to authors about the progress of their submissions within two weeks.

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