Muslims in RSS: Motives and Compromises

Taiwanese researcher Ying Hui Lin attempts to understand the relationship between Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Muslims. The article first looks at Muslims in RSS discourse and their incorporation into the organization and then aims to find out why Muslims join the Sangh. It explores the current increase in Muslims’ participation in the RSS through the lens of individual interests.

The Resilience of the Economy during Crises, Lessons from Taiwan’s Experience for the Middle Eastern Countries

Despite some regional differences between Taiwan and the Middle Eastern countries, Taiwan’s experience has valuable lessons that can be employed by other countries. Lessons from Taiwan may help Middle Eastern countries to tackle this global crisis without compromising their quality of life and balancing between restricted economic activities and civic wellbeing.

Fueling Yemen’s Crisis: Self-Serving International Conflict Resolution

Ou, Chia-Ying Battered by war, Yemen has millions of civilians at risk of famine. Forceful international intervention has worsened the situation since Saudi-led military coalition began its first airstrike. Moreover, as the conflict developed, the resolution for Yemen increasingly obscured the real actors. Between domestic key powers and foreign third parties, the conflict resolution lost … Continue reading Fueling Yemen’s Crisis: Self-Serving International Conflict Resolution