Current Affiliation: Assistant Professor, China Studies Academy of International Studies Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi.


Research Area : India-China Relations, Local Governance of China, Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy

Major Projects:

1- “India’s Act East and Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy are Win-Win”, Asia-Pacific Bulletin, No.489, Published at Washington DC: East West Centre , October, 2019.

2- “The Nineteeth Party Congress in China: An Analysis”, Journal of International and Area Studies, 2019, Vol 1 No 1:170-175, ISSN 2582-3639.

3- Chattaraj, Saheli  and Chen, Mumin (2017), “New Southbound Policy in India and South Asia”Prospect Journal, Vol No.18: 35-62, ISSN 2227-8087.

 4- “OBOR as a Chinese Vision for Regional Economic Order” in M.S. Prathibha ed. East Asia Strategic Review: China’s Rising Strategic Ambitions in Asia (2018), Institute of Defense Studies and Analyses Pentagon Press, ISBN 978-93-86618-65-8.