February: ISSUE (2)

Outline The UAE’s Presidency of Cop28 Sparks Dispute The Migration Issue in Gulf States This Move Hinder Earthquake Relief Efforts in Turkey New Israel Law to Deport Palestinians Residents The Survivors from Turkey Earthquake Face the Risk of Disease

February: ISSUE (1)

Outline Archaeologists Uncover 'complete' Roman City in Egypt. Iranian Couple Are Jailed for 10 Years Saudi Arabia Set to Sponsor Fifa Women’s World Cup After Shootings, Israel Intensify Jewish Settlements 5.9 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Northwestern Iran

December : ISSUE (1)

Outline Rabbinic Group Condemns New Israel Government An Ad from Subway Angers The UAE Morocco Celebrates Victory with Palestinian Flag World Cup: Qatar Short of Expected 1.2 Million Visitors Pizza Hut’s Kunafa Pizza Upsets Arabs And Italians