Prospect for the QUAD: Views from India and Taiwan

Since its revival in 2017, QUAD, i.e., Quadrilateral Security Dialogue has ushered in a new conversation among the Indo-Pacific states. China’s assertiveness in the region has not gone unchallenged, and multiple actors have become more vocal and decisive against Beijing’s disregard of international order and the rule of law. In this issue, contributing authors indulged in discussing the importance of India as a QUAD member and how the grouping should have a consensus about Taiwan Question. Indian policymakers are encouraged to shed their reluctance and develop their 'unique' approach to make security cooperation with Taiwan a reality.

The Resilience of the Economy during Crises, Lessons from Taiwan’s Experience for the Middle Eastern Countries

Despite some regional differences between Taiwan and the Middle Eastern countries, Taiwan’s experience has valuable lessons that can be employed by other countries. Lessons from Taiwan may help Middle Eastern countries to tackle this global crisis without compromising their quality of life and balancing between restricted economic activities and civic wellbeing.